Why Shop 16th?
Shop 16th mural at Rubies Home Furnishings in Laurel

Shop 16th mural at Rubies Home Furnishings in Laurel

There's no better time to live, shop and play in Laurel. And 16th Avenue is the central highway that gets you everywhere you need to go. As the primary highway running from I-59 all the way to North Laurel, 16th Avenue has restaurants, bakeries, furniture, gift shops, home improvement, dress shops, boutiques and most of the city's professional businesses like banks, insurance agencies and more. You can shop all of these places without having to leave 16th Avenue!

What 16th Avenue Offers

Of many things that shopping 16th Avenue offers, two of the most important are convenience and variety. Need fresh produce? Check. Grabbing a gift for a birthday party this weekend? Done! Need a new kitchen table? You got it. Renovating your bathroom? 16th Avenue has you covered. Rarely in any small town does one avenue carry so much - both from local business and beyond.

Reasons to Shop 16th?

Cupcakes made by 16th Avenue Laurel business

A Taste of Laurel Tourism. For those who can't get enough of our town, we are glad you choose to visit Laurel. We encourage you to see the sights of our quaint downtown area and, of course, on 16th Avenue. From our lodging options to the best sweet treats in town, 16th Avenue has shopping that you can't get anywhere else in Laurel. We invite you to take a drive down 16th Avenue to see what we have to offer!

Local Business. While 16th Avenue has the variety of several franchise businesses, it is also comprised of nearly 80% local business. By choosing to Shop 16th, you are supporting businesses owned by friendly folks who live right here in Laurel. 

Hassle-free Shopping. Most families are busy enough in the day-to-day that having to drive all over town or even out of town to all the things on the to-do list can be a hassle. On one street, you can make a few stops to get all you need without even having to leave the avenue. Who doesn't love hassle free?

Woman Shopping at a nursery on 16th Avenue Laurel

Become a 16th Avenue Patron
If your business is on 16th Avenue, now is your chance to shine. Become a 16th Avenue Patron and have blog content written and social media content created about what's going on with your business. Plus, take part in regular 16th Avenue shopping events, festivals and more. Plus, all Shop 16th Patrons get their business listed on this website, as well as a Shop 16th brochure and map to be placed at all 16th Avenue Patron businesses. 


Special thanks to the Jones County Chamber of Commerce for your support of Shop 16th. All 16th Avenue Chamber members receive their first month as a Shop 16th patron FREE.



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